Zais, aceite de oliva biodinámico

What is ecological and biodynamic oil?

Organic olive growing aims to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) without using synthetic chemicals, whether fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, thus helping to protect natural resources and biodiversity.

The result is a high quality olive oil, just like conventional EVOOs, but with greater protection of the environment, acting in favor of the biological processes that facilitate life in the ecosystem of the olive farm.

As a result of this integrative and life-giving phenomenon of the earth and the tree through natural processes that combine and reinforce each other, the purest, richest and healthiest fruit is achieved.

Traditional Preparation

Zais Picual - Aceite de Oliva Orgánico


In the mouth it is sweet on the palate and very balanced in bitterness and medium spiciness.


The main characteristic of arbequina oil is that it is a sweet oil, that is, it does not have any bitter aftertaste.


Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an Italian variety of olive tree, native to the region of Tuscany.

From the knowledge of the oldest traditions

Working under the concepts of the biodynamic model is to immerse yourself in the roots of the agriculture of our ancestors.

Organic and biodynamic agriculture flows in respect and integration of the ecosystem, the natural habitat and the cosmos.

Like our ancestors, we use the Biodynamic agriculture calendar (María Thun), to favor and stimulate in each case and moment the contribution of nutrients and common tasks to the olive grove, for this we take into account the constellations, their positions, the organ stimulated by the moon or planets (Fruit, Root, Flower and Leaf),…

The biodynamic model is demanding and strict, it excludes any type of synthetic fertilizer, pesticides or agrotoxics, that is, harmful to health.

ZAIS It is an ecological and biodynamic olive oil, the result of the cultivation of olives that are grown and born on the farm Almazán Tavero Family Olive Production.

The cultivation process aimed at achieving biodynamic organic olives began in 2018, during which time we have been adapting the production model to the standards required by international certifying organizations, advised by experts and accompanying our experience and love for the land. , to the olive grove and to tradition.

Infinite Goodness