The farm in situ, the strategic action and the daily care of the land and the tree.

We refer to a series of key interventions in the sustainability, quality and vitality of the olive tree.




We do the process of making 500 at the beginning of autumn, collecting the day's manure from the organic livestock farm near the farm.

Once the manure has been removed, we put it in the horns and bury it in an optimal area of the farm so that during the winter it takes on its necessary properties and thus fertilizes and invigorates the soil, promotes soil microbial activity and improves water retention and absorption.

This preparation is applied in the afternoon and its benefits include:

• Give fertility and strength to the land.

• Increases soil microbial activity.

• Improves water absorption and retention.

• Regulates the PH of the soil.


The preparation of preparation 501 involves a process of crushing in a metal mortar until it becomes powder, passing it through a fine sieve and removing the iron impurities from the mortar with a magnet.

It is applied in the morning both in spring and autumn, among other properties the most important are:

• Improves plant growth.

• Increases the internal development of the plant.

• Stimulates the plant's vegetative vigor.

• Promotes photosynthesis, improves maturation,….

This treatment along with 501 is essential in biodynamic agriculture.


Compost is a natural fertilizer from the decomposition of organic waste. This decomposition is monitored for several months, controlling its temperature, humidity, texture,... and adding components to improve its structure (liquid humus, María Thun, minerals,...)

We also add biodynamic preparations (502,… 507) to harmonize and reinforce its effects when applied to the soil.

Among its properties are:

• The contribution of multiple components existing on earth.

• Increases the quality of the soil thanks to the multiple biostimulant microorganisms existing in the biodynamic compost.

• Regenerates soil fertility.

• Stimulates the activity of beneficial microorganisms.

• Makes the use of water more efficient due to its retention capacity.


It is a liquid organic fertilizer from worms, it is completely natural and can be applied both on the ground and foliarly. Among other advantages of its application are:

• Quickly incorporates bacterial flora into the soil.

• Fixes and retains nutrients and fertilizing elements.

• Improves the physical structure of the land by reducing erosion.


We make the María Thun preparation on the farm, like 500 we take manure from the day at the livestock farm and mix it for an hour with Basalt and egg shell, we deposit it in pots buried in the ground and we provide the biodynamic products ( 502 to 507) for good elaboration.

This preparation is very good for decontaminating the soil and increasing its fertility.